Tribute® Wrap
The adjustability of ReadyWrap meets
the legendary performance of TributeNight.

Tribute® Wrap is an off-the-shelf adjustable foam compression garment for self-management during the evening, nighttime, and low activity.


Why choose Tribute® Wrap?

Tribute® Wrap is an innovative garment built with proven foam technology, which nestles into the tissue to promote skin health.1 Each garment is fully adjustable, while comfortably adjusting to your patient’s unique shape and lifestyle. Its adjustability helps patients maintain gains made during therapy, while allowing the flexibility to support further reduction.

Simply pull it on, adjust the straps, and slide on the Sleep Sleeve for a comfortable compression experience.


Proven foam technology

Breaks up and softens hardened fibrotic tissue to support skin health.

Adjustable strapping system

Easily conforms for the right, comfortable fit.

Easy-to-pull finger grip

Simple pull function to support self-management.

Powered by Coolcore®

Innovative interior fabric with chemical-free Cooling Power which rapidly wicks away sweat and moisture to regulate body temperature.

Available styles

Tribute Wrap Glove

Tribute Wrap Wrist to Axilla

Tribute Wrap MCP to Axilla

Tribute Wrap Below Knee

Tribute Wrap Knee to Thigh

Donning videos